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Another Lily, Another Change

Last year, I decided to eliminate the Comments section on this flower blog. My reasoning was simple, I just wanted you to enjoy some photos. However, during the the past 11 months, I continued to receive personal comments from several of you. Today, there were messages from two blogging friends (Carol sent 7 in one email). There was a lot of time and effort put into her comments to me. It was then, I decided to open up the comment section.

Since my most recent post was The Lily, please enjoy Carol B. Steven's Reflection's Flora and Fauna blog, in which she also posted a lovely lily photo today, seen below. Permission was granted for me to post here.

If any of you would like to show your photos here, I would be more than delighted to post your work. Or, if you would like me to link your flower related blog here, just ask.

Tiger Lillies And The Windmill

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lily

The following three were taken by my husband, and the last two were at the inside Lily show.