Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philadelphia's Great City Hall (and where few tourists go)

Imagine a city hall with 700 rooms. This place is huge. Interesting history can be seen at
We saw the mayor run down all these stairs.

 Lovely tiled hallway, almost ghostlike, without a person around.

Clock tower, where few tourists go. We were very fortunate that the 4 of us were able to see all 4 clocks.
 Observation tower (below), only 4 allowed at a time.

 37-foot bronze statue of William Penn.


  1. OK, who knew?? Very interesting stuff Barb, thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks Carol. I really loved this place(not flowers nor New England, but still).

  3. Thanks Barbara, It was like I was there. Which is great since I probably won't make it there in person. Love the shots. Especially the stairs. Mercy LONG set of stairs. Did you walk them?

  4. Thanks Hummer for the kind remarks. A tiny elevator took us to the top, no stairs! Glad you liked the down stairs shot, I really do too (and I didn't have to walk them either).

  5. This was really interesting! We were in Philly last summer and kept walking past the city hall to go to one thing or another. It didn't occur to me at the time to take a look inside. Now I know what I missed! Maybe the next visit I'll take the time to stop in!

  6. Bet your son would love the view and ride up what looked like an unsafe elevator...I actually held on to the operator's jacket for safety! Anyway, I did the usual tour of Phila. years ago, and this was just as nice, tho not as historic.